Representational State Transfer

An image to create word manipulation

Pixelatte = Python + Tkinter + Pillow + Multi Threading

Image: not Monalisa but Paddington || Square size: 15 || Mode: Single Thread


Static binding

Skeletons are static. They do not change after 21 mostly.


A book called The BINDING by Bridget Collins


  1. binding between a variable…

4 of the SEXTUPLE— name, address, value, type

Life itself is full of variables that we interact with daily.


Each Pokemon has a name(reserved word) which cannot be redefined and a particular Pokemon can only be summoned with that exact name.

the last chunk

A sarcastic image to emphasize the last chunk even more


  • Finally, the assignment statement, from its simplest form to all of its variations, is covered, including assignments as expressions and mixed-mode assignments.

Assignment Statements

5th chunk


A movie called Short Circuit
  • Example: (13 * a) * (b / 13–1)
  • Explanation: the value of the arithmetic expression is independent of the value of (b / 13–1) if a is 0…

Aydin Bagiyev

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