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First of all I want to welcome all back and in a few days we all will be welcoming new year. Close to the end of year, I have a few things to finalize and an assignment from the Advance Software Paradigm class. Yay, a lot of joy. The assignment is about the software architecture description and I decided to learn about it and at the same time teach others.

When I first saw the phrase, I was confused to be honest because of the word “description” at the end, but in reality it has totally different meaning in this…

Today’s topic is on AGILE METHODOLOGIES. Yes, I know you understood nothing form these 2 words if you do not have a previous knowledge. To start with explaining, I can say that agile was originally developed by software developers as a better process for managing their work. But, throughout the time it got evolved and therefore, today, it encompasses a range of different Agile methodologies used in different disciplines.

Let’s first discuss what is Agile indeed!

What Is Agile?

I can say in order to comprehend the real meaning of Agile methodologies, we should start with Agile itself. Agile Alliance explain agile as…

Representational State Transfer

An image to create word manipulation

Today’s topic is Restful API, so get ready to learn a lot!

First, I want to touch an issue. Significantly large group of people, believe that REST is same as HTTP which is totally wrong.

REST stands as an acronym for REpresentational State Transfer. Briefly to say, it is an architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems. The term is brought to the market by Roy Fielding in his famous dissertation around the year of 2000.

It is said that if the topic is architectural style, then for sure there are some constraints hidden behind and that is totally true. REST…

Pixelatte = Python + Tkinter + Pillow + Multi Threading

Image: not Monalisa but Paddington || Square size: 15 || Mode: Single Thread


As an unique action, I want to devote a few sentences to emphasize why I am writing this article. I was thinking of forming an article out of the knowledge I gathered and just was waiting for the deadline of the assignment to past so I can publish. However, one of my classmates got ahead of me and had a post published. So, as a result, he got all the applauds and I said if not now then when. Here, I am writing the post for the glorious name of open source.

Thank you Ismayil Shahaliyev otherwise, it might be…

Static binding

Skeletons are static. They do not change after 21 mostly.

As it is mentioned in the subtitle, today’s topic is static and dynamic bindings. They are 2 crucial notations in programming and very necessary to know. First we will start defining each one and then scrutinize them in detail.

In book it is said that a binding is static if it first occurs before run time begins and remains unchanged throughout program execution. Basically, this variables, cannot change during the execution time. Opposite to static, if the binding first occurs during run time or can change in the course of program execution, it is called dynamic. So, I will write…


A book called The BINDING by Bridget Collins

The word binding is used in any sphere of life and as it is understood from the title, yes we do have binding in programming too, and it is highly important to know.

Simply to emphasize,a binding is an association between an attribute and an entity


  1. binding between a variable and its type or value
  2. binding between an operation and a symbol

Everything in life takes time as is binding but not every spent time has a special naming unless we are not talking about binding.

The time at which a binding takes place is called binding time.

Now we…

4 of the SEXTUPLE— name, address, value, type

Life itself is full of variables that we interact with daily.

As it was promissed from In Da Programming: Names post that next post will be dedicated to the honor of variables, and here we go.

Regardless of what programmer usually thing and how many miss descriptions of variables are in the internet, the truth is that it is an abstraction of a computer memory cell or collection of cells. In previous sentence, I did puposefully turned the camera to programmers for a second, because most of the time they think of variables as names for memory locations, however the reality is much more broad and rich.

To start with small…


Each Pokemon has a name(reserved word) which cannot be redefined and a particular Pokemon can only be summoned with that exact name.

As known in world, names are used to define something. They are special items to call some particular objects. Yes, humans are also an object but this is not the topic now. In programming we also do have names and they have same behavior that we have talked a few seconds ago. However, the aim is sole, each programming language has its own rules related to defining names

For example in C99, internal names can only have 63 significant characters, however, in external names (those outside of the functions) it is 31 significant, which is almost half of the previous…

the last chunk

A sarcastic image to emphasize the last chunk even more


  • Finally, the assignment statement, from its simplest form to all of its variations, is covered, including assignments as expressions and mixed-mode assignments.

Assignment Statements

The assignment statement is one of the central constructs in imperative languages. It provides the mechanism by which the user can dynamically change the bindings of values to variables.

Simple Assignments

Ada and ALGOL 60 use := as the assignment operator to avoid confusion between assignment and equality. In Fortran and Ada, an assignment can appear only as stand-alone statement, and the destination is restricted to a single variable.

Conditional Targets

Perl allows conditional targets on assignment statements.

Example: ($flag ? $count1…

5th chunk


A movie called Short Circuit

A short-circuit evaluation of an expression is one in which the result is determined without evaluating all of the operands and/or operators.

  • Example: (13 * a) * (b / 13–1)
  • Explanation: the value of the arithmetic expression is independent of the value of (b / 13–1) if a is 0, because 0 * x = 0 for any x.
  • Example: (a >= 0) && (b < 10)
  • Explanation: The value of the Boolean expression, is independent of the second relational expression if a < 0, because the expression (FALSE && (b < 10)) is FALSE for all values of b

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